Strengthening Young Lives


To a child with a disability, the world may seem filled with “you can’t!”

But at PowerKids, everything we do is geared toward assuring parents that Yes, your child can!

All children need and deserve recreational programs. PowerKids is a unique program created for young individuals with all types of physical and cognitive challenges. Our students’ diagnoses range from, but are not limited to, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, William’s Syndrome, Muscular Sclerosis  and Cerebral Palsy. These conditions affect not only musculoskeletal control, but also affect a child’s ability to comfortably and seamlessly socialize with their peers and others. Life is tough for them.

The PowerKids program helps children with both of these life-altering effects. We offer our young students the opportunity to develop greater physical strength and coordination while practicing social skills. We believe that through the sport of gymnastics, young individuals have an opportunity to safely experience a wide range of vestibular and proprioceptive integration, while building self-esteem and confidence – useful skills inside and outside the classroom.

Identifying the tools needed for integration is a primary focus of the program.
Training begins with individual assessment: a focus on the strengths displayed by each student. Then each lesson plan is individualized according to the student’s level of physical and cognitive development. From that point attention is directed toward challenges.  By taking this approach, students become more compliant with the class lesson plan. Compliance allows learning. Learning allows growth. And growth instills confidence.

What We Do:
PowerKids is devoted to the instruction of young people aged 3 through 18 in the skills of the sport of gymnastics. Through the discipline of gymnastics, our mission is to instill in our students confidence, self-esteem, and the joy that results from accomplishment.