PowerKids “Minis”

Ages:  3-4 years

Class Length: 45 minutes

Class Content: The primary objective of this program is to provide fitness to children with all types and varying degrees of disabilities including, but not limited to, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder and William’s syndrome. Areas of development combine strength conditioning, attention and completion of task as well as a wide range of verbal and auditory instruction. This program is ideal for those diagnosed with generalized hypotonia, developmental delays and sensory integration dysfunction.

Class Ratios:  1 on 1 (Adult participation required)


PowerKids “Fitness”

Ages:  8 years and up

Class Length:  45 minutes

Class Content:  This unique work out program especially designed for young females diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder / Asperger’s syndrome. The primary goal of the program is to create social bonds between individuals while facilitating encouragement behaviors. Students in this program will be paired accordingly and together work cooperatively toward task conclusion.

Class Ratios:  6 to 1 (Independent)


PowerKids “Plus”

Ages:  Not limited

Class Length:  45 minutes

Class Content:  This program combines all ages and varieties of disabilities. It has been designed for those individuals who may have a more profound physical or developmental diagnosis. With the assistance of an adult aid, each student advances at his or her own specific pace to facilitate skill learning.

Class Ratios:  1 to 1 (Adult participation required)



PowerKids “Seniors”

Ages:  12 years and up

Class Length:  60 minutes

Class Content:  This successful coed program combines social skills and exercise.  Students have the opportunity to work out with another in a safe state of the art facility. During this class time social interaction is constantly encouraged and monitored.

Class Ratios:  6 to 1 (Independent)


PowerKids “Juniors”

Ages:  7 to 11 years

Class Length:  60 minutes

Class Content:  Like the senior program, this class offers students on the autism spectrum, such as PDD NOS and oppositional disorder the opportunity to experience physical sensory integration in a controlled safe environment.

Class Ratios:  6 to 1 (Independent)


Private Instruction

Private instruction is also available to those requiring direct and intensive attention, especially those with highly profound cognitive and physical challenges.



All potential students must attend a 30 minute consultation at the facility with a parent or guardian.  At this time you and your child will have the opportunity to tour the gym as well as receive an overall view of the PowerKids program.  This consultation is free of charge and can be schedule by contacting Brian Jones.