Over a six month period of time that our son started Powerkids, he gained the balance to ride his bike without training wheels, strength to cross the monkey bars by himself without assistance, and confidence to participate in all of the rope obstacle courses at camp. He blended in with all of the others as just one of the kids. Pretty cool.

The Sears

Dear Brian,

 We are very pleased with the Power Kids program.  Brittany loves to come and participate.  She likes the activities and games you play with them.  She also likes the children in the class and looks forward to seeing them every Saturday.

Randy and I like the workout that Brittany gets from your program.  You incorporate great sensory activities to get the kids warmed up.  You seem instinctively to know what will help them get ready to work.  You get them fired –up but not necessarily over stimulated.  Brittany gets a super gross motor workout that builds strength, endurance, and stamina.  You also are building up her self-confidence every week she is with you.

We also like seeing Brittany in this social setting.  She is building relationships with the children in this Power Kids class.  She likes them and is excited about working together with the kids.  Brittany is a very nurturing child.  She is encouraging and tries to help classmates that may be having an off day.

Power Kids is again a great program.  You are dedicated and passionate about your work.  You are fabulous with the kids.  It is obvious that you have many gifts and talents to work with our special children.   Central Indiana is lucky to have the Power Kids program available to our children on the autism spectrum.

Randy and Lisa Kopka


I want to thank you for all the hard work with Spencer.  As I look back, he has come a long way since the first day with you.  When talking to your friends this weekend, I realized just how far he has come.

Spencer is not able to participate in the typical group sports.  It is a combination of lacking in gross motor skills and the capability of working with a group.  This will be a life long battle for Spencer.  Social situations are not his “star” moments in life!  What your class has done for Spencer is amazing.  He gains not only the physical exercise which he desperately needs but the experience of working as a group or team.  He has learned to be a team player and leader.  He has learned to encourage and support his team members.  He has learned perseverance.  He has felt the emotion of being proud of his physical accomplishments, something he never tasted in mainstream activities.

It is not a perfect world.  We have learned that with Autism.  We have learned more than we really wanted!  We are fortunate to live today and not 50 years ago.  We are fortunate that we live in an area that supports Autism in the school and community.  We are extremely fortunate to have you as Spencer’s mentor, teacher, and friend.  Thank you again for all your hard work.


Brian’s gymnastics class was Riley’s first successful recreational experience, and it has served as a springboard for him to other productive activities in  group settings.  Brian combines excellent skill as a gymnastic teacher with a truly amazing amount of patience!  I don’t know hew he does it – but I’m glad he does.

–Liz Freeman Floyd

Our sons, ages 8 and 11, began taking Brian Jones’s Powerkids class last spring.  Since then, they have experienced numerous benefits, making the money and time spent well worth it.  Both boys have grown fond of a number of the other kids in their classes and have made some very strong friendships as a result.  Also, they feel more like their neurotypical peers because they now have a physical activity they participate in on Saturdays.  Prior to finding Powerkids, there was no athletic group activity in which we could have enrolled either of our sons.  Everything required athleticism, for one, which does not cone naturally to them.  Now we have our Saturday sport, too.  Other benefits both our boys have gained from taking this class include learning to do physical teamwork with their classmates, following directions, problem-solving and striving for their own personal best.  Brian has created a therapeutic and supportive atmosphere in which our sons have felt comfortable to take risks and gain confidence.  We are very grateful for Brian’s continuing commitment to helping them grow in a number of valuable ways.

Dear Brian,

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your class-Power Kid’s has made a real difference for our kids.  It’s amazing because we tried for years to teach Julie to tie her shoes and ride a bike to no avail, but after a month working on motor planning with you she was doing both!  I really appreciate the way that you incorporate social interaction into the class and the way that you set activities up so that the kids have to work together.  You’ve obviously taken a great deal of time to educate yourself on sensory issues and it shows.  As parents of children with autism, we often talk about people who “get it” and people who “don’t get it”- you definitely “get” these kids and it show in the way you interact with them.  Thank you for all of your patience and hard work!

The Neal Family